Workshop on

Personalisation in learning environments at individual and group level

in conjunction with 11th International Conference on User Modeling
25-29 June, 2007, Corfu, Greece

Topics and Research Questions

The focus of the workshop will be on the design of personalisation at individual and group level. The ultimate objective is to enrich our knowledge of how to design personalised e-learning environments based on individual and group models. By bringing together researchers in adaptive educational systems, collaborative learning environments, interaction analysis, learner modelling, group modelling, this workshop aims to create a forum to share ideas about the relationship among individual and group interaction and development, and discuss different approaches about how personalisation could enhance particular forms of interaction that trigger learning mechanisms.

Papers submitted to this Workshop must contribute towards addressing research questions related to at least one of the following aspects:

  • Modelling the learner/group: What types of characteristics should be included in the learner model representing a learner (a) as an individual (b) as a member of a group (e.g. individual differences, preferences/needs, interaction behaviour, collaboration/communication behaviour)? What is the group identity? How individual's characteristics affect the group interaction?
  • Personalization at group level: What kind of innovative personalization techniques can be applied on group level? How modeling the whole group (instead of a single learner) may enhance system abilities to assist the learner and the teacher?
  • Interaction data and analysis: What data should be gathered, how and in what forms, in order to have a sufficient, workable and interoperable set of interaction data reflecting the group dynamic? How analysing different types of interactions such as learner-system interactions, learner-teacher interactions, peer interactions, group interaction, could stimulate reflection on the learning process? What techniques can effectively be used in gathering and analyzing interaction data?
  • Representation of learner and group model: What representation forms could be used for the externalization of the learner and/or group modeling process?
  • Assessment and Feedback: How the assessment process could feed the learner or group model and the personalisation process? How to design personalised forms and types of feedback based on the learner and/or group model?
  • Group formation: Which are the critical issues in grouping learners, e.g. context, task to perform, learners' characteristics, group heterogeneity / homogeneity? How to group learners based on their individual differences? Which algorithms support effective clustering of homogeneous and heterogeneous groups of learners?